Blue Moon Handmade Soap with Activated Charcoal

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Product Description

This skin loving handmade soap is perfect for bathing during a Blue Moon, or every day!

My handcrafted Blue Moon soap is created with all natural ingredients and traditional skin-nourishing fats and oils. The addition of activated charcoal adds the color and helps to absorb dirt and oils, draw “toxins,” and is recognized for supporting oily skin and the treatment of acne.

This soap is created with calendula infused virgin olive oil, coconut oil, locally-sourced and self-rendered lard, water, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, vanilla absolute, essential oil of white thyme and love.

Each bar is roughly 4-ounces and is cured for months, not weeks, for a long-lasting soap. And the crisp scent of thyme makes it a great unisex soap!

Blue Moon is a limited edition soap, meaning once this batch is gone, it's gone. I may return to the core ingredients for a future batch, but since I LoVe to play and experiment and use what I have on hand in the moment to create my soaps, limited edition batches are my habit. Plus, folks seem to enJOY and appreciate both the expression and the opportunity for something truly unique!

A SPECIAL NOTE to make the most of your handcrafted soap: Before use, store this soap in a cool, dry place. During use, store this bar in an open soap dish so that it may dry between use.

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Blue Moon Handmade Soap with Activated Charcoal Blue Moon Handmade Soap with Activated Charcoal