Capture the Power of Your Words in Cinquefoil, a Mini Writing Journal

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Product Description

Carry the power of "Cinquefoil" with you wherever you may wander so that you may note your life lessons, your targets and goals... and give voice and power to you observations and inspirations: Write them in this herbal inspired mini writing journal, lovingly called "Cinquefoil."

I love this plant called "Cinquefoil" and have two members of its genus, Potentilla, growing on my little patch of earth. While it has a long history of medicinal uses, my relationship with the plant is rooted in the verve it offers... I find it to be a mighty synergist, enlivening power to the plants and energies its paired with... or, in this case, enlivening power to the words with which its energies are paired. So why not jot the words you wish to empower and activate in this little notebook?

"Cinquefoil" measures 4.5" x 3.25" and has 50 pages, 100 sides of lined paper.

Creating this journal, and similar Nature inspired artwork, is a healing form of expressive Medicine for me. I love it ... and I hope you do too.

Be inspired by Nature!


Walk in the Woods, LLC