Cotton Necklace Cords, Hand Spun

$4.00 USD


Product Description

These little cords are very popular!

I make them with two-to-three colors of cotton floss that I hand spin just for you with a Citrine-tipped wand. I do this as I focus my intention on all that nourishes, sustains, heals and supports you in expressing, and in living your Truth.

You can attach most any pendant of your choice or wear them as is. Some folks wind them around their wrists to wear as bracelets too.

The knotted end serves as a latch which fits through the closed end so that the necklace may be worn and removed with ease. They are remarkably durable and long-lasting and may be hand-washed in a mild detergent and air-dried.

You may request a color theme or have me determine the colors for you - your choice!

The *average* length of each necklace is 25-inches and can be easily shortened by tying a new knot and trimming the excess.

Cotton Necklace Cords, Hand Spun Cotton Necklace Cords, Hand Spun