Glad Green Spirit Pouch

$17.00 USD


Product Description

"Glad Green" is a miniature, one of kind, handmade Spirit Pouch, crafted with a two fiber strands of vintage cotton floss. A hand spun Spirit Cord was made to fashion the strap, and it was finished with an up-cycled button from a ladies vintage sweater, likely from the 1960s.

This miniature Spirit Pouch measures 1-inch by 1.5-inches and the strap is about 26.5-inches in length.

Tuck a favored amulet or other trinket of intention inside and wear it around your neck, near to your heart as a reminder of the growth you seek in life, or the transformations you desire, or for anything that inspires you.

You might even tuck a small gift inside to give to a loved one. You might fill it with fragrant herbs to wear or hang in your home, workplace or vehicle.

I sometimes use my Spirit Pouches to honor the abundance and changes in my life, and to root the gratitude in my own daily awareness, by placing an object of meaning within and wearing it as a tangible reminder, around my neck and close to my heart.

While I call this little bag a Spirit Pouch, you might recognize it as a Medicine bag, amulet bag, mojo bag, or something similar. To me, these are all names for a kindred item of like intentions.

Be inspired by Nature ~ Be well by Nature!

Glad Green Spirit Pouch