Handcrafted Sweet Grass Liquid Smudge, 8 oz. Bottle

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Product Description

A smoke-free option for creating sacred space!

This spray smudge is handcrafted in a sacred manner from locally grown vernal sweet grass, organic distilled carrier, and water. Each two-ounce bottle is blessed with a small tumbled crystal, one meant just for you. This popular spray is the perfect option for anyone with sensitivities or allergies to smoke.

Use this spray in the same way as smoldering smudge, to cleanse, clear and invite protective energies into space intended for sacred works, be it for simple prayer or meditation, or for other grand intentions or ancestral ceremony.

Plus, its fragrance is simply divine!

Each spray bottle contains two fluid ounces of handcrafted liquid smudge.

Peace. ☮️

Walk in the Woods, LLC

Handcrafted Sweet Grass Liquid Smudge, 8 oz. Bottle