Handmade, Limited Edition Soap called Cocoa Honey LoVe

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Product Description

Do you love chocolate? If so, you'll love this soap!

The base oils in this soap are handcrafted infused olive oils made with healing comfrey leaf, skin softening violet leaf, and anti-inflammatory St. Joan's wort blossom. The core solid oil is lard, self-rendered from fat locally-sourced from a community farm that practices respectful, sustainable, pastured methods. Marshmallow root powder is added to the blend for its soothing and moisturizing actions,

Each bar weighs about 4-ounces, and is cured for months, not weeks, to create a super-long-lasting bar of soap.

My Soap Story: Soap making is such fun, much like cooking! And I tend to make soap much in the same way as I cook - using what's fresh in the moment, or have on hand

This is why my soaps tend to be *limited edition soaps.* Each batch is unique, created by inspirations and materials on hand in the moment! Once a batch is gone, it's gone. Oh, I sometimes return to the core ingredients for a future batch, but since I LoVe to play and experiment when I create my soaps, just as Nature might... with each batch as unique as a snowflake!

Plus, folks seem to enJOY and appreciate the expression of limiting use of essential oils, as well as the opportunity for something truly unique!

Handmade, Limited Edition Soap called Cocoa Honey LoVe