Handmade Soothing Spice Herbal NonScents Soap

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Product Description

This handcrafted cold process soap is part of my NonScents line of herbal product offerings. It's made using no essential oils or fragrance oils (which I never use), and rely fully on the addition of powdered herbs that are rich in volatile oils for a super subtle, whole herb scent.

"Soothing Spice" was made using virgin coconut oils infused with violet leaf and goldenrod blossoms, , locally-sourced and self-rendered lard, hibiscus water infusion, marshmallow root, ginger and clove powders, sodium hydroxide, castor oil and love. The scent is subtle and clean and nice for the whole family!

I added marshmallow root powder for its soothing and moisturizing energies, violet leaf for skin softening, and goldenrod for its cooling verve to potentially counter inflammation. And ginger and clove were added to offer a harmonizing warmth and their spicy scent.

Each bar is about 4-ounces in weight, and is cured for months, not weeks, to create a long-lasting soap.

"Soothing Spice" is a limited edition batch soap, which essentially means that it's one of a kind and once this batch is gone, it's gone. If I'm ever inspired, I might return to the core ingredients for a future batch, but since I LoVe to play and experiment and use what I have on hand in the moment to create my soaps, limited edition batches are my habit.

A SPECIAL NOTE to make the most of your handcrafted soap: Before use, store this soap in a cool, dry place. During use, store this bar in an open soap dish so that it may dry between use.

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Handmade Soothing Spice Herbal NonScents Soap Handmade Soothing Spice Herbal NonScents Soap