Herbal Plantain Oil, Two Ounce Bottle

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Product Description

This herbal Plantain Leaf Oil comes to you, handcrafted with love, in a 2-ounce glass bottle.

This nourishing and emollient oil is made with the lovely, fresh, summertime leaves of Plantago majus. As the leaves are harvested, I add them to olive oil, and gently infuse the plant matter and oil together in my solar heater. When ready, it's strained, and nothing else is added, except LoVe.

I use this healing oil for general skin care, and my garden hands especially appreciate it, alone or blended with other herbals. It's also a regular in my first aid kit, for it calms itches and promotes healthy tissue growth.

My inspiration: Plantain infused oils and balms are a longtime standard of mine, and one of the first such herbal preparations that I made... over 30 years ago. Throughout the summer I harvest the leaves from my organic gardens and "lawn," as well as from chemical-free wild-places, and add them to my infusion jar, adding leaves and oil each day until a full and a new jar is started. It's one of the herbals I can't imagine not having around!

Disclaimer: Any statements here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product or its description is not intended to diagnose, treat any dis-ease or illness, nor is it intended to be, in any way, medical advice.

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Herbal Plantain Oil, Two Ounce Bottle Herbal Plantain Oil, Two Ounce Bottle