Infused Oil of Arnica Blossom, One Ounce

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Product Description

This herbal infused oil has a long tradition as a topical herbal supplement for use on bumps and bruises, swollen and irritated tissues. If you're seeking an all-natural way to find relief, my handcrafted Arnica Oil may help relieve and calm occasional pain and discomfort that we, and out loved ones, all experience from time to time.

My handcrafted arnica blossom infused oil is created with only three ingredients: organic, dried flowers of Arnica montana, olive oil, and LoVe. There's no fragrance added to this oil, as this is part of my NonScents line, which features unscented options, as well a conscious expression of honor to the plant world, the realm of my Rooted Ancestors.

It comes to you in a one-ounce glass dropper bottle to aid in dispensing, since a little goes a long way. Plus, this oil mixes quite nicely with with other oils and creams.

Do not apply on broken skin.

My inspiration: I was skeptical when a client requested I make this oil. I was reluctant, having only made infused oils using fresh plant matter for some 30 years, and only having access to dried arnica flowers. But I figured I'd give it a go and the resulting balm was very well received.

I make this oil sparingly and in limited additions, and use it with grand respect and purchase it from cultivated and sustainable sources, as this plant is on the United Plant Savers (UPS) "To Watch" list which "includes wild medicinal plants that are proposed for the “At Risk” list but are in need of further research. UpS is watching these herbs and collecting information on levels of commercial usage while monitoring the viability of these plants within their current range."

Disclaimer: Any statements here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product or its description is not intended to diagnose, treat any dis-ease or illness, nor is it intended to be, in any way, medical advice.

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Infused Oil of Arnica Blossom, One Ounce Infused Oil of Arnica Blossom, One Ounce