Infused Oil of Calendula Blossoms - Two Ounce Bottle

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Product Description

Calendula oil is widely recognized for soothing dry or chapped skin and for reducing any accompanying Inflammation. Moms love it, often blended with plantain or chickweed, for calming the irritation of diaper rash. I use it frequently on clean cuts, scrapes, wounds and burns to promote healthy tissue growth and reduce the likelihood of scarring.

Calendula oil makes its way into my daily skin care rituals. I use it, in one form or another, on my face and neck in the morning and again at bedtime. I use it regularly to moisturize, soothe and heal my garden hands.

I use calendula oil, alone and in blends, to soothe and invite healing to all manner of skin issues, while working toward getting at root causes. Many folks find relief from their symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Calendula oil is also a nice addition to massage oils or when preparing a carrier oil, and is often used as a base for lip balms and other salves.

I create this infused oil of calendula in small batches over the summer season using fresh, organic flowers of Calendula officinalis from my own gardens. The flowers are added to olive oil and are steeped in my solar heater. When ready, the oil is strained and bottled, with no added fragrance or anything else. Except love.

No matter how you use this oil, may you enjoy it, and embrace the simplicity and sunshine of my unscented infused calendula oil!

This oil comes to you in a 2-ounce glass dropper bottle for ease of use in small amounts, for a little goes a long way.

Disclaimer: Any statements here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product or its description is not intended to diagnose, treat any dis-ease or illness, nor is it intended to be, in any way, medical advice.

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Infused Oil of Calendula Blossoms - Two Ounce Bottle Infused Oil of Calendula Blossoms - Two Ounce Bottle