Loving Reach - A Mixed Media Mini Writing Journal inspired by Nature,

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Product Description

I gaze at the wild grape vines climbing the trees so high, so very high, and am reminded of the beautiful lofty goals and aspirations for which we all reach...

That's the inspiration for naming this charming, little Nature-inspired mini writing journal "Loving Reach."

This one of a kind pocket notebook is embellished in layers of color that reflect the verve of earth and sky in autumn. It's finished with a pressed sprig of young, wild grapevine, gathered from my own little organic acre. Isn't it perfect for recording your life ambitions?

"Loving Reach" measures 4.5" x 3.25" and has 50 pages, 100 sides of lined paper.

This sweet little notebook is just the right size to carry with you to note the goals and dreams for which you reach. It will fit nicely into most pockets and will slip into most any purse so that you can carry a your aspirations and appreciations with you all the time.

Be inspired by Nature!

~ rose
Walk in the Woods, LLC