Pink Sparkle

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Product Description

Thoughts of fairies invaded my mind - magical, dust-tossing, trickster, Nature beings of the forests, fields and gardens - as I created this Spirit Pouch called "Pink Sparkle."

I created "Pink Sparkle" as I do all my Spirit Pouches, in a sacred manner, offering each hitch and stitch a blessing of love and wellness, counting the stitches with the reiki mantras, and other healing blessings.

This Spirit Pouch is made with a single strand if pink metallic fiber. A hand spun Spirit Cord is attached to serve as the "strap" and the flap of the pouch is finished off with a textured metal vintage button.

This Spirit Pouch measures about 1.5-inches by 1.75-inches and the strap is a shorter than typical 27-inches in length.

Spirit Pouches may be used in as many ways as you can imagine. Some folks use them in gift-giving, to tuck a small gift inside to give to a loved one. I often carry an item of personal meaning inside mine as a reminder of a focused intention for the day or week, or whatever! On occasion, when I receive or find a small item that I'm unsure how to put to use, I'll tuck it in my Spirit Pouch with intention for clarity and then wear it around my neck, next to my heart, until guidance is felt and offered to my conscious awareness. I'm rarely disappointed.

I imagine you tucking an item of magic and meaning inside this one of a kind Spirit Pouch to wear around your neck, close to your heart, and by doing so you'll invite something special that you "Welcome" into your life. And maybe - just maybe - the faerie realm will help!

While I call this little bag a Spirit Pouch, but you may recognize the names Medicine bag, mojo bag, amulet bag, or something similar. To me, these are all names for a kindred item with like intentions.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

Walk in the Woods, LLC

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