Poison Ivy Spray - a Handmade Herbal

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Product Description

This little herbal, "Ivy Itch," comes to you in one ounce bottle of healing, herbal love.

It is a handcrafted formula created with handmade extracts of wild impatiens and plantain leaf.

This herbal combination has worked so well for me and for many others that I am inspired to bottle it in a spray formula that I can share with you.

This "Ivy Itch" formula is created with my own handcrafted herbals as follows:
~ Isopropyl tincture of Impatiens sp. (wild impatiens)
~ Isopropyl tincture of Plantago majus (plantain)
~ Flower essence of Tansy

To use: Apply topically to affected skin at first sign of tingle, bump or blister, avoiding eyes and sensitive membranes. Use freely, one spray at a time to calm the itch and promote healing until the rash is resolved. A little goes a long way!

Also, this formula mixes well with natural clays to create a paste that draws the irritants, aids drying of weeping blisters and promotes healing.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas. For topical use ONLY. For severe or rashes, seek the counsel of a licensed health care practitioner.

*Disclaimer: The herbal information shared here is for educational purposes and is neither intended nor implied to replace the advice of a licensed, professional health care provider. Always seek the counsel of a qualified healthcare practitioner or natural therapist for your medical challenges. My experience may vary from yours, as we are all unique in constitution and verve.

Be well by Nature!

Poison Ivy Spray - a Handmade Herbal Poison Ivy Spray - a Handmade Herbal Poison Ivy Spray - a Handmade Herbal Poison Ivy Spray - a Handmade Herbal