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Creating this Spirit Pouch, called "Orange Sherbet ," was a creative, playful, and healing mediation for me, one that offered peaceful pleasure too. My hope is that my intentions and experiences during its making mesh and meld with yours as you use and wear it.

"Orange Sherbet " is a one of a kind, crocheted Spirit Pouch that I created in a meditative manner with a lovely cotton twine of soft orange and white, all the while chanting the healing reiki mantras and imbuing the bag with sweet and healing energies.

A miniature Spirit Cord was hand spun in the same twine and attached to either side of the pouch creating the "strap," and the little bag is finished off with a n unusual shimmering plastic vintage button from the 1970s.

"Orange Sherbet " measures 1.5-inches by 2-inches and the strap is about 27-inches in length.

Wear a an amulet, talisman or other trinket of intention in this little handmade Spirit Pouch! When you do you'll be reminded of that special something that is of value and meaning to you. Wearing a Spirit pouch in this way can support you in a desired focus, purpose or to invite energies to you that will support and sustain you. That's what this little Spirit Pouch, called "Orange Sherbet ," can offer to you.

These little Spirit Pouches have many uses beyond wearing around one's neck. Some folks tuck a little something special inside for gift giving. Some fill them with fragrant herbs to hang in a space for pleasure of scent or some other intention. Others place a amulet or trinket of safety to hang on their rear-view mirror to support safe travels. I wonder what use you'll find for it?

While I call this little bag a Spirit Pouch, you might recognize the names mojo bag, amulet bag, Medicine bag, or something similar. To me, these are all names for a kindred item with like intentions.

Lastly, Creating Spirit Pouches is a healing, mediative practice for me. The act of creation offers me stillness and focus, not to mention pleasure and I thank YOU for that.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

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Spirit Pouch - Orange Sherbet Spirit Pouch - Orange Sherbet