St. Joan's wort Infused Oil, Two Ounce Bottle

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Product Description

You'll love my handmade Saint Joan's Wort Oil, also known as Saint John's wort oil!

It holds a spacial place in my Medicine chest and is one of my Go-To topical-medicinals for quieting nerve pain, cooling inflammation, relaxing muscles, soothing and preventing burns, and for promoting healthy tissue growth.

I harvest the bright yellow blossoms in high summer from my own organic patch of earth as well as pristine wild places. As the flowers are collected, I add them to a jar, cover with olive oil, and place them in my solar warmer where they're allowed to gently steep in the warmth of the sun.

In addition to a place in my Medicine chest, Saint Joan's wort oil has been my only sunscreen for almost 20 years, and is also the oil I reach for when a muscle 'n' nerve relaxing massage is needed.

This handcrafted St. Joan's wort oil comes to you, made with LoVe, in a 2-ounce glass dropper bottle.

Story Behind This Product:
Why not St. John's wort? In the Wise Woman Tradition, we call this botanical Hypericum perforatum Saint Joan's wort... because, as herbalist Susun Weed asks, "What does Saint John know about flames?" And in my experience, this herb, in balm, oil or tincture form is superb for cooling, calming and quelling flames of many kinds.

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St. Joan's wort Infused Oil, Two Ounce Bottle