Sweet Citrus Bar Soap, All Natural and Handmade

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Product Description

You'll love the subtle fragrance of my handmade Sweet Citrus soap! It was created with all natural ingredients and traditional skin-loving oils and fats, and is lightly scented with the essential oils lemongrass, red mandarin, and benzoin... creating a clean, gender-neutral fragrance.

Sweet Citrus was made using virgin olive oil infused with fresh calendula flowers, coconut oiinfused with saint joan's wort blsooms, locally-sourced, "happy" and self-rendered lard, water, sodium hydroxide, lemongrass essential oil, red mandarin essential oil, benzoin, and love.

Each bar is roughly 4-ounces and is cured for months, not weeks, for an extra-long-lasting soap to enJOY every day for days to come!

Sweet Citrus is one of my limited edition soaps, meaning once this batch is gone, it's gone. Each batch of soap is unique unto itself.

A SPECIAL NOTE to make the most of your handcrafted soap: Before use, store this soap in a cool, dry place. During use, store this bar in an open soap dish so that it may dry between use.

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Sweet Citrus Bar Soap, All Natural and Handmade Sweet Citrus Bar Soap, All Natural and Handmade