Uplifting Rosewood Energetic Spray - 1 oz.

$10.00 USD


Product Description

Energetic Essence Spray ~ for scent & vibration ~ one fluid ounce

This spray is a holistic blend of pure rosewood essential oil and a handcrafted flower essence of wild rose. This combination merges the many warm and loving energies of the heart.

I use this spray to connect with the infinite power of Love. It is helpful whenever self care needs bolstering, or when forgiveness and peace is sought within or without.

I handcraft this blend with great care and in small batches to ensure the holistic quality of the product as well as the intent. I offer thanks to the spirit of the plants that make this blend possible and extend a prayer of knowing that it will influence the body, mind, ego, heart and spirit with healing energies and verve.

Each one ounce bottle is blessed with healing intention and a small tumbled crystal - one meant just for you.

This spray may be used to prepare space, objects or body for sacred works, be it simple prayer or meditation, or other such activity.

Plus, it smells really nice too!

Each spray bottle contains one fluid ounce of vibrational Uplifting Rosewood spray. Also available in Lavender Bouquet and Clary Insight.


Two-ounce bottles are also available for $17, if interested in this larger size, please contact me!

Uplifting Rosewood Energetic Spray - 1 oz. Uplifting Rosewood Energetic Spray - 1 oz.