A Writing Journal to Note Your "Solitary" Dreams and Desires

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Product Description

You'll want this unique little writing journal with you when you're alone with your thoughts.

This pocket notebook, called "Solitary." was created with a mini composition book that I layered with acrylic paints, simple stenciling, and a single leaf of Mentha suaveolens, harvested from my own little acre.

"Solitary" is an piece of original functional art in the form of a writing journal. It measures 4.5" x 3.25" and has 50 pages, 100 sides of lined paper.

This little notebook will be perfect to carry with you so that you may capture the wisdom and inspiration that comes to you in your quiet, solitary times. All the observations that we notice and the experiences we realize, large and small, offer us lessons, value and wisdom ... just as Nature does. Why not record yours in this little notebook?

And in care you're wondering... I love creating this kind of Nature art and the time and space it allows me to spend with Nature, whether I'm gardening, harvesting, wandering, gathering or simply being.

Creating these little journals gives me great joy as I gather and press the beautiful botanicals and other bits of nature throughout the seasons. My hope is that you perceive and receive that joy.

Be inspired by Nature!

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