Altered Mini Composition Book, inspired by Nature - "Wooly Mint"

$14.00 USD


Product Description

Nurture comfort and healing with this mixed-media mini writing journal by noting your dreams, delights, and desires as you journey through life.

This little Nature inspired functional art is an altered mini composition book that was created using mixed media techniques of painting, stenciling, and Nature collage.

The background of "Wooly Mint" was created using layers of acrylic paints, an upcycled stencil technique, and was finished with the natural embellishments of two pressed leaves of "Wooly Mint," known botanically as Mentha suaveolens.

"Wooly Mint" measures 4.5" x 3.25" and has 50 pages, 100 sides of lined paper.

Slip "Wooly Mint" into your pocket or toss it into your bag so that you always have something in which to capture the simple delights of life as well as your very own observations.

Creating this simple piece of Nature inspired functional art was a healing form expressive Medicine for me. Medicine that feeds my dreams. I hope it feeds yours too.

Be inspired by Nature!

- rose
Walk in the Woods, LLC