"Clarty" - a Crocheted Cotton Spirit Pouch

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Product Description

This charming Spirit Pouch is crocheted with two cotton strands of of warm, earthy browns... lending defining verve, and offering the name, "Clarty." It's embellished with tiger's eye heart to create a button closure, and is finished with a miniature Spirit Cord, hand spun of the same fiber combination and attached at either side of the pouch to create the "strap."

This "Clarty" Spirit Pouch measures 2-inches by 3.25-inches and the strap is approximately 36-inches in length.

What might you do with such a pouch? Imagine wearing it with a trinket of intention around your neck... a trinket to remind you of the life waters you wish of un-muddy... a trinket to remind you of the clarity you invite... a trinket to wear near to your heart and power center.

Some customers use these bags to tuck inside a gift to give to a loved one. Others have filled them with fragrant herbs to hang in a room or vehicle to add subtle fragrance. Those are just a couple of ways it may be used. The possibilities are endless.

Quite often, I use my Spirit Pouches to tuck an item inside to carry an intention close to my heart. It might be an intention of protection, inspiration, will, or an intention to invite clarity into my consciousness for some challenge that I'm facing.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

Walk in the Woods

"Clarty" - a Crocheted Cotton Spirit Pouch "Clarty" - a Crocheted Cotton Spirit Pouch