Mini Writing Journal Inspired by Nature - Convergence

$14.00 USD


Product Description

Write the inspirations that bloom in those places where your heart and mind converge in this little one of a kind pocket journal called "Convergence."

"Convergence" is a piece of functional art in the form of a mini writing journal. It measures a wee 4.5" x 3.25", has 50 pages, 100 sides of lined paper for you to capture all your inspirations!.

I created this unique mini journal by altering a mini composition book. I used archival paint, gel medium, Nature and love. Always love. The cover of "Convergence" expresses two wild grape leaves coming together, meeting up, converging, thus the little of this little work of original art.

Carry "Convergence" with you no matter where you may wander so that you may note all the places where you heart and mind, dreams and realities come together to offer you inspiration!

Be inspired by Nature!


Walk in the Woods, LLC