Dandelion Flower Essence

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Product Description

Flower essence of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is helpful for balancing feelings of emotional stress, especially when the "trouble" is perceived physically in the body. It is an essence that is often praised for helping move and release emotion that is stuck in the body.

This essence is used to relive tightness and tension from the body, especially if the known cause is emotional stress.

This 5 ml. bottle of dandelion flower essence comes to you with information about the essence as well as a choice of ways in which to use it.

What are flower essences?

Most succinctly, flower essences are the energetic signature - the healing spirit of the flowers. They imbue those who use them with the subtle healing vibrations of the plant. They work as a holistic therapy to address emotional and spiritual challenges, and support us in renewing and nurturing balance and harmony of our emotional bodies. Be well by Nature!

Dandelion Flower Essence Dandelion Flower Essence