"Empyrean" - a Hand Knitted Spirit Pouch

$18.00 USD


Product Description

This one of a kind Spirit Pouch, called "Empyrean," was hand-knitted with a colorful silk fiber as healing reiki mantras were silently chanted, and the healing love of the angels were invited into its making.

"Empyrean" is created using Anamika Silk - made from silk waste, fairly traded via Darn Good Yarn. A hand spun Spirit Cord of the same fibers makes the strap, and it's finished with a selenite heart that provides a weighted closure.

This Spirit Pouch measures 3.25" x 3", and the cord measures a super-generous 38.5" in full length.

Carry a little token of the angels inside this Spirit Pouch as a tangible reminder the heavenly guidance 'n' protection you have around in you.

Walk in the Woods

"Empyrean" - a Hand Knitted Spirit Pouch "Empyrean" - a Hand Knitted Spirit Pouch