"Evolution" - a crocheted, cotton Spirit Pouch

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Product Description

Stash a token of intention inside this little Spirit Pouch called "Evolution" so that you may wear it close to your heart as a tangible reminder of that which you wish to have evolve in your life.

This crocheted Spirit Pouch is handcrafted with one strand of textured cotton, and another strand of organic cotton. A hand spun cord of the same cotton strands is attached, and "Evolution" is finished with a vintage, silver-toned button depicting a single grape leaf - which, in some traditions, symbolizes change, transformation, "Evolution."

This charming Spirit Pouch measures 2" x 2.75", and the cord measures 31" in full length.

I may call this little bag a Spirit Pouch, yet you may recognize the names Medicine bag, mojo bag, amulet bag, or something similar. To me, these are all names offered for a kindred item with like intentions.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

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"Evolution" - a crocheted, cotton Spirit Pouch "Evolution" - a crocheted, cotton Spirit Pouch