Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love

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Product Description

This set of three .5 ounce handcrafted Flower Essences is customized just for you ... to help you - or a loved one - through the challenges of life ... The challenges that help us to grow, to thrive and to make the most of what we have in each moment.

You choose your essences - just contact me with your choices, or if you prefer, I'll help them choose you.


What are flower essences?

Most succinctly, flower essences are the energetic signature – the healing spirit of the flowers. They imbue those who use them with the subtle healing vibrations of the plant. They work as a holistic therapy to address emotional and spiritual challenges, and support us in renewing and nurturing balance and harmony of our emotional bodies.

Each flower essence is made with the greatest of care and with much honor and love for the plant, and for those whom the plant is intended to support.

My flower essences are offered in the spirit of holistic wellness, to support the balance and harmony of the energetic being and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness. Peace.


Choose three from the following:

~ BLUEBERRY BLOSSOM [Vaccinium corymbosum] is used to balance value of action and effort.

Use this essence to support the introduction and/or transformation of busy-work to new productive, meaningful, value-added effort. Just spend time with the plant when in bloom and witness the energy it attracts. If you seek such energies in your life, this is an essence to play with.

This essence is helpful to the Type-A business person transitioning from the familiar business realm into retirement or other less structured endeavors. Likewise, for the student entering the non-academic realms.

~ BUTTERCUP [Ranunculus occidentalis] is used for balancing feelings of unworthiness and faltering or low self-image.

Use this essence for enhancing self-esteem and to help you recognize that you a unique and special gift to this life.

~ CHAMOMILE [Matricaria chamomilis] is used for balancing nervous and shaky feelings of concern or even panic.

Use this essence to help restore calmness and to sooth tensions and frazzled nerves that result from worry and stress in everyday life. It is helpful during teething and to calm brattiness or temper outbreaks.

~ DAFFODIL is used when uneasy feelings persist with no know reason or cause. This essence is considered by some to act as a nerve tonic that can support healing of nerve dis-ease. This essence helps to heal holistic traumas from present and past lifetimes. It is considered a master healer and powerful grounding force.

Use this essence to engage, nurture and enhance hope in all aspects of life and living.

~ DANDELION [Taraxacum officinale] is used for balancing feelings of emotional stress, especially when it is perceived physically in the body. It is often praised for helping move and release emotion that is stuck in the body.

Use this essence to relive tightness and tension from the body, especially if the known cause is emotional stress.

~ FORGET-ME-NOT [Myosotis alpestris] is used for feelings of spiritual or holistic disconnectedness.

Use this essence to aid in connecting with your spirit guides and spiritual ancestors. It is also known for stimulating healing dreams, visions and inner-communication. It supports the integration of personal memory as well as collective memory.

If you are seeking spiritual roots or nurturing shamanic efforts, this may be an essence for you to play with–with honor.

~ GOLDEN ROD is used for freeing acknowledged feelings of being stuck.

Use this essence to when you are ready to Move On. The golden rod is the staff you reach for when we are ready to head into the sunset and into the next phases of our life. It supports the integration of thinking and doing, of knowing and acting on that inner wisdom.

~ HOLLY is used to invite harmony and healing to feelings of jealousy, mistrust and distaste.

Use this essence to meet and create relationship with the dark emotional feelings of jealousy and distrust. If you carry emotional scars of having been “wronged” this essence may well support you in honoring and healing those wounds.

Holly Flower is one of Dr. Edward Bach’s thirty-eight original flower essences. It is used for balancing the persistent feeling of distrust and suspicion that can manifest in intense anger or jealousy, even feelings of hate toward others.

~ LADYS MANTLE [Alchemilla vulgaris] is used for enhancing feelings of nurturance and healing, especially when you feel threatened.

Use this essence when you feel a need for self-care or protection form external energies. This essence carries mother energy and is often used to support women who do not recognize or have disconnected from the archetype within.

~ MARSHMALLOW [Althea officinalis] is useful for balancing strength with gentleness.

Use this essence when you need strength and compassion, perhaps when dealing with a difficult loved one. It is supportive with non-social pets.

~ MUGWORT [Artemisia vulgaris] is used for feelings of spiritual disharmony or disconnectedness.

Use this essence to stimulate and balance the third-eye chakra and to enhance psychic abilities. It can support work in exploring spiritual realms and non-ordinary realities.

~ SAINT JOANS WORT [Hypericum perforatum] (AKA: St. Johns wort) is used for threatening feelings and vulnerability.

If feelings of “having been burned” is your challenge, this is a flower essence is for you. This essence is also honored for angelic protection, especially during spiritual growth or times of trauma, and illness.

~ SUNFLOWER [Helianthus spp.] is used for feelings extreme unworthiness, martyrdom especially if triggered by external aggression.

Use this essence to enhance self-worth when experiencing conflict in relationships with aggressive or masculine energies.

~ TANSY [Tanacetum vulgare] is used to balance feelings of apathy and powerlessness.

Use this essence when you are lethargic and idle, feeling stuck and unmotivated. This essence seems to have an affinity for the solar plexus chakra and for sparking, stirring and awakening personal power.

~ WHITE LILAC is used for balancing feelings of unworthiness, weakness.

Use this essence if you find yourself holding on to feelings of self-blame where you feel unworthy of even the smallest goodness. This essence is lovely for enhancing forgiveness and compassion for self & others and honoring inner-strength. Uses include upper-back & neck pain, mental distress of any type and general tension and stress.

~ WILD WHITE ROSE [Rosa multiflora] is used to balance feelings of despair, obsessive worry, hopelessness and the inability to take in life.

Use this essence when worry or other mental distractions bring on feelings of despair and concern that spirals to paralysis. This essence restores a sense of hope and the ability to open the senses to recall and acknowledge the sweetness of life.


If you have any questions at all, or need help making your "choices," please contact me and I will do my best to assist you. THANKS and be well by Nature!

Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love Flower Essence Set of Three - Healing Love