Handcrafted Spirit Pouch - "Overcast"

$18.00 USD


Product Description

"Overcast" is a crocheted Spirit Pouch, handcrafted with beautiful gray cotton, embellished with a hand spun cord, and finished with a black, textured, vintage metal button.

"Overcast" measures 2.5" x 3.25", and the cord measures 42.5" in full length.

Tuck an intention inside this little Spirit Pouch called "Overcast" so that you may wear it close to your heart 'n' power-center as a tangible reminder of that which you wish to invite light and awareness.

I call this little bag a Spirit Pouch, though you may recognize the names Medicine bag, mojo bag, amulet bag, or something similar. To me, these are all names offered for a kindred creation with like intentions.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

Walk in the Woods

Handcrafted Spirit Pouch - "Overcast" Handcrafted Spirit Pouch - "Overcast" Handcrafted Spirit Pouch - "Overcast"