Lavender Energetic Spray, 2 oz. Bottle

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Product Description

You'll love the subtle fragrance and verve of this handmade Lavender Energetic Spray.

My Lavender Energetic Spray is handcrafted in a sacred manner, with a handmade tincture of lavender, a touch of lavender essential oil, lady’s mantle flower essence, healing intention and LoVe.

The spray offers a fragrance and verve that freshens, restores, and renews.

Each two-ounce bottle is blessed with a small tumbled crystal that is meant just for you. This Lavender Energetic Spray may be used to cleanse and clear space to make it ready for sacred works, be it simple prayer or meditation, or any intention or event, or simply to freshen the air.

Each spray bottle contain two fluid ounces of handcrafted Energetic Spray.

Peace. 🕊

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Lavender Energetic Spray, 2 oz. Bottle Lavender Energetic Spray, 2 oz. Bottle