"My Celtic Heart" Spirit Cord

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Product Description

This Spirit Cord, lovingly named "My Celtic Heart" was hand spun with fibers in shared of greens and ambers. and embellished with a pewter Celtic heart pendant.

The non-lead, solid pewter pendant measures about an inch.

The Spirit Cord measures about 50 inches in length.

Your Spirit Cord may be used in as many ways as you can conjure. You might tie knots into it, adding your own intentions with each hitch, creating a personal prayer cord. You might sew it into a piece of clothing or garb, or wear it as a belt or waist embellishments. Maybe something else.

My first Spirit Cord was spun to be spiraled and tied onto my main walking stick. Over the years I've used them as gift ties 'n' ribbons, worn them in various ways to carry a verve or intention with me, and they've been part of hand-fasting ceremonies, as well as other rituals, and more.

Simply, this "Spirit Cord" may be used in any way that you are inspired.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

Walk in the Woods

"My Celtic Heart" Spirit Cord "My Celtic Heart" Spirit Cord