"One Love" Celtic Heart Spirit Cord

$18.00 USD


Product Description

"One Love" is a hand spun Spirit Cord made with central strands of earth and water colors, and a reaching strand of eyelash yarn that gives it that look of energetic reach. It's finished with a pewter Celtic heart pendant.

The non-lead, solid pewter pendant measures 1+ inch.

This Spirit Cord measures about 50 inches in length.

Your Spirit Cord may be used in as many ways as you can conjure. Some folx tie knots into theirs, adding their own intentions with each hitch, creating a personal prayer cord. Some sew them into clothing and garb, wear them as belts and waist embellishments, and more.

My first Spirit Cord was spun to be spiraled and tied to my walking stick. I've used them as gift ties 'n' ribbons, worn them in various ways to carry a verve or intention with me, and they've been part of hand-fasting ceremonies, other rituals, and more.

Simply, this "Spirit Cord" may be used in any way that you are inspired.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

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"One Love" Celtic Heart Spirit Cord "One Love" Celtic Heart Spirit Cord