Spirit Pouch Crocheted with Organic Cotton - Humility

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Product Description

The act of creating this Spirit Pouch was a mediative ritual for me, one that offered stillness, consideration, and focus, rooted in a space of "Humility."

"Humility" is a one of a kind Spirit Pouch that I crocheted with a lovely organic cotton in ecru, all the while chanting the healing reiki mantras and imbuing the bag with humble and healing energies. It was simmered in organic Nilgiri black tea to offer it a subtle hint of earthy color.

A miniature Spirit Cord was hand spun in the same cotton and attached to either side of the pouch creating the "strap," and the little bag is finished off with silver-toned metal button.

"Humility" measures 2-inches by 2.75-inches and the strap is about 33-inches in length.

Wear a an amulet, talisman or other trinket of intention in this little handmade Spirit Pouch! When you do you'll be reminded of that special something that is of value and meaning to you. Wearing a Spirit pouch in this way can support you in a desired focus, purpose or to invite energies to you that will support grounding and manifesting that which you desire. That's what this little Spirit Pouch, called "Humility," can offer to you.

While I call this little bag a Spirit Pouch, you might recognize the names mojo bag, amulet bag, Medicine bag, or something similar. To me, these are all names for a kindred item with like intentions.

Lastly, creating Spirit Pouches is a healing, mediative practice for me. The act of creation offers me stillness and focus, not to mention pleasure and I thank YOU for that.

Be well ... be inspired, by Nature!

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Spirit Pouch Crocheted with Organic Cotton - Humility Spirit Pouch Crocheted with Organic Cotton - Humility Spirit Pouch Crocheted with Organic Cotton - Humility